Don't monkey around with "alpha" males.

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

The best way to become "beta" is to spend all of your time trying to become "alpha."

Some men (and I suppose a few women) treat everything in life as though it were a dick-measuring contest — as though humans were no different from our cousins the chimpanzees. Don’t be one of those guys. Don’t tilt your head just enough to view every social interaction through a quasi-Darwinist slant. Tilt the other way instead, and you may see the door to grace come into focus — along with perhaps some genuine social influence, purely as a side effect. “Man is monkey” — this is true enough — but man is also master. He is master of himself, at least potentially, in ways that “monkeys” simply cannot be. Take advantage of that potential, and you can transcend power games without even needing to win them. Isn’t that how modern humans emerged to begin with? We are not the strongest, the fastest, or the loudest animals on this planet. In fact, we are quite weak. Reasoning is the only area in which we excel, and yet that alone has proven more than adequate to put us entirely outside of the food chain. We are not “on top” of the food chain. We are not “on top” of anything; we are outside of everything not strictly dictated by the laws of physics! Let that be your model when dealing with so-called “alpha” males. If you walk into a room and notice that everyone is hostile, simply turn around and walk out. Don’t work hard to win games that waste your energy without rewarding you. Work exclusively on games that get you where you want to be. And why would you want to be anywhere near a bunch of human gorillas? Besides, it is almost impossible to measure your dick and use it at the same time.

Men who fetishize the appearance of dominance are often taken out of the game by men who prefer to exert their influence on parallel paths, without needless showmanship. How many reigns of terror are ended by a single drop of anonymous poison?

In rare cases, you cannot avoid spending some quality time with alpha wannabes. In such scenarios, bide your time and keep your eye out for the next available EXIT. In the exceedingly rare case that there is no exit, you will know what to do when the time comes; trust me. And if you don’t yet know what to do, that only means that the time has not yet come.

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